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The Brookfield Band

Listen to the band

Here are some recent recordings of the band in action. These are not studio recordings, so you'll probably hear the odd mistake now and then (usually by the accordionist), but they'll give you a good idea of the sound at an actual Barn Dance, and also an idea of the type of atmosphere that we can create.

Please note that the sound clips are in MP3 format, so you'll need to have the necessary software on your computer to decode these files. You probably have, so give it a try. (I'm told that Vista may require you to save the MP3 file on your PC before you'll be able to hear it. XP (in my experience) doesn't.)

One other thing. I've shown the sizes of the files, as this affects how long they take to download. If you have broadband, you won't have a problem. If you have dial-up, I suggest that you listen to the first one, which is much smaller.