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The Brookfield Band


The band is run (in a manner of speaking) by Roger Swaine, who plays the piano-accordion. He's the Musical Director for English Miscellany. No formal musical qualifications (unless you count grade 3 piano, taken as a child), but he's been playing this music for about thirty years now, so something must have rubbed off. He's also been a dancer for many years, having taken up Scottish Country Dancing while at college, after which he went out dancing several times a week for a number of years. So he has a pretty good idea of what makes a good dance-tune! He chooses and arranges the music for the band.

We don't have a fixed line-up, as good musicians will be busy. Instead, the members of the band are drawn from a small squad of highly talented musicians, including:

All the musicians listed above enjoy each others' company, and always have a good time at our gigs, which makes for a good atmosphere during the event.

The band works with a number of fine local callers, including:-