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Brookfield Band Logo

History of the band.

Just when the band started is a bit unclear, as initially it wasn't a permanent band. Roger Swaine had recently started playing for an English Folk Dance Display team called English Miscellany, and one of the members of the group needed a band in a hurry for a Barn Dance. Roger pulled together a group of musicians that he knew, and they did the booking.

It wasn't a great band that night, but it was promising, as several months later he was asked to do it again. This continued, until, after a couple of years, Roger was asked what the band was called. Until then he hadn't thought about a name, but then he had to, so the Brookfield Band came into being, “Brookfield” being his middle name. This was probably in about 1980, and the band has been playing for Barn Dances in and around Hertfordshire ever since. We've never had any publicity (other than here) so our bookings come from personal recommendation.

We must be doing something right!